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SET stands for Symbiosis Entrance Test and this test is conducted by the Symbiosis International University.

Purpose of Symbiosis Entrance Test:

SET examination is conducted for the purpose of admission of students to the different courses offered by the Institutes of Symbiosis International University. However, SET score is not essential for admission of candidates to the Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences & Symbiosis Institute of Technology since the scores of other common tests are also taken into consideration for admission of students to these two institutions.

Papers in SET Test:

SET Test is conducted in five different papers namely health sciences, engineering, law, design and general. The examination is conducted in two sessions, namely morning session and afternoon session. A candidate is permitted to take more than one paper, but he/she can take one paper in the morning session and one paper in the afternoon session. The morning session includes SET exam for health sciences, engineering and law, while the afternoon session includes general and Design papers.

Validity of SET Score:

SET score is valid for admission to the following institutes of Symbiosis International University

  • Law paper is meant for admission to Symbiosis Law School at Pune and Noida
  • Engineering paper is meant for admission to Symbiosis Institute of Technology
  • Health Science score is meant for admission to Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences
  • Relatively easier entrance test as compared to management entrance tests post graduation where the number of applicants is much higher
  1. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies
  2. Symbiosis School of Management
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication
  4. Symbiosis Centre of Management Studies
  5. Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research
  • Design Score is meant for admission to Symbiosis Institute of Design